Greco di Tufo 2018 DOCG   

Greco di Tufo 2018 DOCG   

Greco di Tufo is an Italian white grape variety and DOCG region of Campania. The Campania region boasts more DOCG zones than any other southern Italian region, and Greco di Tufo is considered one of the best white wine appellations of the region, alongside Fiano di Avellino DOCG. Greco di Tufo is a clone of Greco Bianco.

It ripens late, enjoying the Mediterranean climate and long, warm growing season of Southern Italy. Greco di Tufo is named after the tiny town of Tufo in Avellino, Campania. Flavors will range from citrus, white fruit and stone fruit, and top examples will have a distinctive mineral character.  The wines drink well when young, though quality examples are capable of aging. Over time, mature Greco di Tufo will develop more herbal flavors.

This wine is full of flavor and character, but also has enough acidity to match dishes with fresh tomatoes. Its minerality and the medium body make it a perfect match for mozzarella and pasta with seafood, from shrimp and scampi to clams and squid. 






Campania Italy


Historia Antiqua



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